v1.1 Released!

v1.1 is now uploaded, with the following bug fixes & improvements:

- Implemented 'Hold To Drag' functionality in options
- Fixed bug with restaurants occasionally only giving one star when rating should be higher
- Fixed bug with valid tile positions for restaurant placements sometimes showing as invalid
- Fixed issue with enemy occasionally getting stuck when adjacent to a restaurant.
- Improved 'Hard Mode' AI
- Player movement fixed - can no longer move diagonally or multiple spaces in one move
- Restaurants can now be placed on an existing number tile
- Prevented the use of keyboard to allow purchase of multiple restaurants in one turn
- Enemy now has a 50/50 chance of going first
- Enemies can now take stars off restaurants (or destroy them entirely if at one star) by walking adjacent to them
- Extra tutorials added for new features
- Player can no longer walk through enemy

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