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Diner Sweep, the world's third best 4X-style game about owning restaurants and building them on a grid full of numbers.

You are Frank, a young up-and-coming entrepreneur who has dared to take on the restaurant industry. Founding a new chain of restaurants, you venture across your local town in an attempt to earn the support of the locals and increase your income to expand your business. However, watch out for your rivals, who are jealous of your ongoing success and looking to strike you down at the first opportunity.

Diner Sweep is a 4X-style game where you trade a limited set of turns with a single AI opponent, collecting money as you move across the grid. After earning enough, you can use your currency to purchase restaurants which are placed on the map, strengthening your grip on the local dining industry!

Created for KrassJam 3  entirely within 72 hours with the assistance of Christoph Gray (music). Jam participants are given a choice of three ridiculously random themes to base their game on. Diner Sweep uses a combination of two themes:

"A game where you slide numbers for the mega-bonus."
"A game where you drag and drop restaurants to create a sprawling industry."

I've loved making this game and have many ideas for expanding upon it in the future, as well as an improvement to the art. Any feedback you have would be hugely appreciated!

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Download and extract zip, run exe


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